Adventures in Quilting

It occurred to me that I didn’t really have any hobbies.  Sure, I love to read and will read anything put in front of me (including fanfic.  That’s my dirty secret.  Surprise!) I love to travel, try new restaurants, try craft beer, local distilleries and I miss Washington wine like crazy.  I wish I could say that my hobby was working out, but it’s not.  That said, going to my friend Anna’s gym Equinox almost changed my mind there.

But I digress.  I needed a hobby.  I have a degree in fashion merchandising, a mom who is a wizard at home decor and sewing anything, and a fabulous new sewing machine.  Let’s get serious about quilting.  I haven’t done much in the last two years, but after watching Jason whip through some seriously amazing quilts this spring and summer, I found myself a class.

Urban Spools is a fantastic quilting shop just east of White Rock Lake on Buckner Blvd.  I took a refresher class for sewing and then tackled a paper piecing block of the month class.  I was a little intimidated, but I figured I was a confident beginner and I would be just fine.  I’ve taken to it like a duck to water!  I love it!  I’ve signed up for two more block of the month clubs and taking a speed quilting class as well.

I started with Moda’s 25th & Pine fabrics for my first star, then sought out all kinds of fabric from there.  I’ve set aside my first three stars and decided to go all in on Creative Tuesday’s precious holiday print.  Love those reindeer!

Star 1:


Figuring out fabrics:


All in with Creative Tuesday with a big assist from my Mom!  Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks for the win!


My hands are busy and I’m actually making something! This quilt has 12 stars, but I’m probably going to add more so I can make it a larger size.  It’s also a great opportunity to re-do some of the stars I did early on that ended up being a little muddy.  So excited!!

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