Quilting Woes and Wins

I’ve made some truly beautiful blocks over the past few months, and I am going to keep reminding myself until quilting and sewing starts going my way again.

My bobbin woes started about a month ago during my Speed Quilting class. I’ve had my machine looked at and a bobbin tutorial, but they continue to load up bottom heavy. I’ve googled tips and tricks, but hopefully my Lucky Stars teacher and the awesome gals in the class will have some advice for me. (And since I drafted most of this post before class, I’m happy to report that they helped a bunch!)

In the meantime, can’t decide which of these suits me more:


Seriously, though. Here is Monday’s bobbin and thread explosion. Ridiculous.


To get myself back on track, here’s the plan:

1 – Box up Modern Building Blocks and give it to my momma. She’s trying to get a class going in Springfield and I’m just not ready yet.

2 – Enjoy my “Feathers” class in March. I bought some vivid Alison Glass fabric and I really like the instructor there too. It’s paper piecing, but a start to finish project so I’ll have a quick reward πŸ™‚

3 – Find a non-paper piecing quilting class for advanced beginners . Most of what I’m finding right now is during the day in the middle of the week. I somehow don’t think I can take three hour lunches to quilt. Why I haven’t I won the lottery yet? Side note – I bought tickets and was not one of the Texas winners 😦 Also, the fabulous Ashley from my Lucky Stars class is teaching a four patch at the end of the month! So excited to take a class with her and now I just have to find some fabric.

4 – Keep plugging along on my jelly roll quilt when my machine allows it. It’s a lot of stripping, so just a couple hours at a time a couple nights a week will get it done by the end of the month.

5 – Keep doing my Lucky Stars. I have two sets of fabric going and 11 more blocks to finish between the two. Here’s the block I started on Tuesday night:


6 – Start my awesome Cotton and Steel paper piecing kit if I get antsy and need a break from the stars. It’s gorgeous and the spring colors will put a smile on my face.

Sounds like I’ll have my hands full. I really love this hobby and want to keep it up, so I’ve got to find a way to keep it going and not bite off more than I can chew πŸ™‚

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