Housing Market Madness

I’ve had to take a break from watching my house porn on HGTV – no Property Brothers, Love It or List It, Too (the regular version is hateful, plus Bachelorette Jillian!) nor my beloved Fixer Upper.  It’s just too frustrating to watch, especially Fixer Upper.  Waco is apparently the only place to buy a house in Texas these days, and you can get a good one for $100k and painted shiplap.  #shiplap!

I decided early on that I wanted to head back to a more central location, preferably Richardson, North Dallas or Addison.  You know, somewhere between Tollway, Bush, 75 and 635.  Convenient to work, downtown and my suburb friends.  The suburb friends are a big deal, y’all.  Most of you have gotten married, had beautiful babies and wanted some square footage and a decent school district.  I get it.  I’d like to see you a little more often, and I think being 20 minutes away in Addison will be easier than 45 minutes away downtown.  And hey, I have a pretty good sized budget and that’ll go far for me in the ‘burbs, right???

I didn’t consider all of the companies coming to Dallas, though, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never buy a Toyota product in sheer protest.  It’s gotten OUT OF HAND.  I could have gotten a house in the Seattle suburbs for $300k (ish) and had an hour commute.  Maybe a ten minute commute to Woodinville, and who wouldn’t want to be near so much wine?  Hell, I have an hour commute now and there’s barely a tree or water to be seen.  When did Dallas decide to be as expensive as the rest of the country?  It’s madness.

Anyway, five offers, all over asking (some substantially so), some with letters, some owned by friends of friends and I’ve still gotten beaten out.  Some by cash, and it’s hard to argue with cash, but it still really stinks.  I already know I’ll have at least a month and a half of paying month to month rent, which is BRUTAL.  In good news, it’s apparently been warm enough to use our complex pool for the past two weeks.  I haven’t really been up for it, but Jersey Shore has already started right outside my patio.

I’m kind of at a loss right now, and honestly, I have so much other stuff going on that I would LOVE to just put this behind me.  I’m starting to worry about hospital fees eating into my down payment and remodeling funds, plus work is nutty, and OMG.  I just want a little house, would prefer a pool, so I can spread out a bit.  I’ll have a room for all of my quilting stuff and I can get a dog.  A DOG!


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