Giving Up (More) for Lent

So, every year I give up something for Lent. I’m not Catholic, so maybe it’s a throwback to my Catholic school days. Mostly, I do it to curb some bad behavior. Or to get back on track ūüôā I got my Mardi Gras fun in this weekend, with no vodka soda left behind. I didn’tContinue reading “Giving Up (More) for Lent”

Cleaning Closets and Selling the Shoe Hoard

Ah, spring. ¬†Well, not really, but it’s been in the 70’s the last few days in Dallas so I¬†figure it’s a great time for spring cleaning. ¬†There is nothing I love more than an organized closet. ¬†Well, besides a five pound drop on the scale. ¬†That’s better. ¬†Whenever I have a chance to get myContinue reading “Cleaning Closets and Selling the Shoe Hoard”

Good Hair and My Beyonce Moment

So I’m about 20 pounds away from hitting the 75 pound mark – nice!¬† Somehow losing 75 pounds in a year sounds so much more exciting to me than 50. ¬†If I’m pinning down an exact time, I weighed my highest (ever and all time) somewhere between the end of last February and first ofContinue reading “Good Hair and My Beyonce Moment”

Adventures in Dermatology

I think I might have found the best dermatologist in the world.¬† Well, my friend Rachel found her for me, but still.¬† She’s amazing.¬† Several years ago, I started getting bi-yearly body scans to check my four million moles for skin cancer.¬† Nothing beats stripping down to your undies (just undies) in a freezing coldContinue reading “Adventures in Dermatology”

It’s not a weight loss blog. Seriously.

Update on 1/30:¬† I’ve now moved my original post to it’s own page so it’s easy to find. Seriously. ¬†But with great change comes great reward, so I’m sure I will post about those changes too. ¬†This all started in October, when I found out I had to cut gluten, soy and dairy from myContinue reading “It’s not a weight loss blog. Seriously.”